How to launch an ICO by creating ERC20 tokens?

  • If you are an entrepreneur or a budding one, you must be aware of IPOs. Initial Public Offering has helped to raise funds for years. But, with the time flow, the number of scams got increased and gained unsafe security status among investors. This is where ICO comes into play. With ICO, you will be able to go ahead with seamless fundraising. ICO has been dominating crowdfunding since 2017. Filecoin raised a total of $257 million during that year for its native currency - FIL.

    ICO is a highly trustable method to raise funds. To launch an ICO, you will need crypto tokens. Crypto tokens are easy to make. But not until you choose a token standard to create them. There are Many fungible token standards out there to help you raise funds through ICO. But, it is advisable to go with the ERC20 token standard. It is the fungible token standard of the Ethereum blockchain. They have the capability to raise funds smoothly and swiftly.

    There are many perks to be noted why ERC20 is the suitable token standard to raise funds. The first will be the Ethereum blockchain. The most popular blockchain network after Bitcoin has carved its way to the top. It seems to have a stronghold on ICO.

    The Popularity of ERC20 can take your ICO to the next level. A stat proves that almost 70% of the tokens used to launch an ICO are ERC20 standards. This popularity will help you attract more investors who are crypto enthusiasts in roots.

    Creating an ERC20 token can be a walk in the park, excluding the smart contract process. If you are a tech-savvy person, you still might require the touch of an expert. So it is better to consult with an ERC20 token development company. There are many such companies to create ERC20 tokens. It is advisable to screen them make contact with a trustable company that is ready to provide you with ERC20 token Developemnt Company. List out your priorities to the experts there and relax until they are done.

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