Facebook advertising is getting worse. How to solve it?

  • I think there are a few points:

    ① From the perspective of Facebook, it is impossible for an advertisement to perform well all the time. If an advertisement can always perform very well, then Facebook will make less money.

    You may be wondering, why users’ ads have been performing well, but not what Facebook likes?

    It pays attention to a degree, no advertisement can perform well from the end, and the product has a life cycle, so is the advertisement, right?

    ② From the user’s point of view, many times the user’s aesthetics will be fatigued. For example, if you see an advertisement every day, it will be really annoying.

    Now that information is flooded, who can withstand the bombardment of advertisements several times in succession is because the aesthetic fatigue of advertisements will cause the effects of advertisements to become worse and worse.

    ✨ FB advertising performance indicators

    Monitoring the effectiveness of ads in Facebook Ads Manager mainly focuses on three indicators:

    Frequency is how many times the audience will see your ad. If this number exceeds 3, then you should consider changing the creative.
    To view the frequency of the ad, in the Ads Manager, click on the campaign and select the delivery view in the report section.

    When the click-through rate drops and the frequency rises, it means that the same group of people are watching your ad repeatedly but not taking action.
    When the ad is displayed, people who have clicked on the ad are less likely to click, and those who have not clicked will still not click, so the ad has actually saturated the target market.

    Operational behavior
    What are the actions taken by the advertisement? Within 24 hours after viewing the advertisement, or within 28 days after clicking the advertisement, you can get discounts, click links, install apps, like pages, send activities, etc.
    If you want a higher conversion rate, then operational behavior is a very important indicator. You can use conversion tracking tools to track and understand.

    Click rate
    The CTR is calculated by dividing the number of times a user clicks on an ad by the number of times the ad is displayed.

    Click-through rate is an important indicator of advertising fatigue. Through these two indicators, click-through rate and frequency, you can find the click-through rate and frequency that suit you, and you can determine when you need to rotate the creative.

    Of course, you can also pay attention to other indicators, such as: CPM, ROAs, correlation.

    Every advertisement that runs will eventually fatigue. If Facebook ads enter a period of fatigue, how can they be adjusted and resolved to restore the effectiveness of the ads?

    Since advertising fatigue means that the advertisement is displayed to the target audience many times, then we can set some conditions in the facebook advertisement manager to limit the number of times that the advertisement is displayed to the same audience.

    In addition, you can also use advertising rotation strategies to optimize advertising effects and solve the problem of advertising fatigue. Overcome advertising fatigue through advertising rotation strategies.

    Because users are prone to fatigue after seeing an advertisement for a long time, by rotating advertisements, so that the advertisements continue to have some new ideas, it can effectively solve the problem of advertisement fatigue. It is best to use a rotation strategy as soon as the advertisement shows signs of fatigue.

    ✨ Reasons and results of advertising fatigue

    Q: What is advertising fatigue?

    A: Facebook advertising fatigue is a phenomenon in which ads have been shown to the target audience many times, the frequency of ad display has increased, and the click-through rate of ads has decreased.

    Q: Why is there advertising fatigue?

    A: The reason why advertisements cause audience fatigue is because:

    The ad is displayed too frequently, causing users to see this ad every time they log in to Facebook

    Ads are competing with the photos and status on the user’s News Feeds

    The advertising audience is already familiar with an advertisement and no longer feels fresh, so the click-through rate will drop

    Q: Advertising fatigue will reduce the relevance score. What if the relevance score is low?

    A: It will increase the cost per thousand impressions and the cost per search result. It will ultimately reduce the number of results obtained by the campaign, thereby reducing the overall return on ad spend (ROAs).

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