Blockchain Adoption News

  • Huawei unveils the 5G folding phone
    Huawei introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 24, the Mate X has a flexible OLED display that covers both the front and back of the device, and which unfolds outwards to become an eight-inch (20cm) tablet screen. Huawei's newly released Mate X 5G foldable phone will cost €2,299, or ¥17,500 per unit. Open up the Mate X, and you get an almost square (but not quite) tablet that has minimal bezels on three sides. Compared to the Galaxy Fold that released days ago by Samsung, Mate X has a bigger screen and has no gap in its fold.

    Besides chip business, Intel is stepping into 5G cloud business
    According to Intel’s plan, they will be participating in the 5G pilot projects cooperated with Chinese operators and terminal manufacturers. At the same time, they will continue to develop processors and 5G modems that can support 5G workload, FPGA, storage, security solution and other optimization software at the internet and cloud ends. Similar to Qualcomm and Ericsson, Intel is deploying their own 5G industry, trying to occupy the superior position of the industry before the next generation mobile communication network officially arrives.

    IBM exec tells tech startups to invest in blockchain
    IBM has established its self as a blockchain leader, with more than 1,200 networks. Now the company is telling other startups to get educated on the shared digital ledger, according to WRAL TechWire, a regional tech news publication. Blockchain has the potential to save time, reduce risks and increase efficiencies. The technology also can change business models to transform industries as a whole. IBM is also getting involved to educate the public on blockchain. The company launched its blockchain YouTube channel and offers an eight-week accelerator program, which aims to help company founders to scale their blockchain tools.

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