Hardware wallets?

  • Reading the latest Vite Bi-Weekly Report the paragraph

    10% of research for the Vite ledger hardware wallet has been completed.

    has sparked my interest.
    Could you clarify what you mean with that? Does this mean that we get Ledger Nano S support already soon-ish?

    And why is this under the category of "Block Explorer", wouldn't Wallet be more appropriate if this really is what I hope it is?

  • @luhe I also would like to knows more about it.

    Hardware wallet support and login/aprove/confirm via fingerprint would be big improvments on wallet security and usability.

  • SBP

    We would like to support hardware wallet on our web-wallet. So that people can start trading on our dex with hardware wallet. But it takes some time.
    Now we are focusing on dex and optimizing the performance of vite. Hardware wallet will come latter.

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