Vite Bi-weekly Report Mar 1–15, 2021 Project Updates Vite Labs CEO Delivers New Info on Vite 2.0 in Recent Letter to the Community On March 9th, Vite Labs CEO Chunming (Charles) Liu issued a letter to the community with more details about Vite 2.0. In the letter, Charles shared four key “to-do’s” which include: building connections with other blockchains through ViteBridge, improving Vite’s capability with other blockchain tech stack, supporting more blockchains through Vite’s product suite, and issuing wrapped tokens on other major blockchain networks. You really don’t want to miss out on this letter! Read Charles’ full letter here. Key Activities ViteX Has Distributed $5.8M in Dividends So Far We are proud to announce that our token, VX has distributed $5.8M in dividends to our users. To make sure you can get dividends from VX, learn how to stake VX on our exchange in this Twitter thread at @ViteXExchange. Nami.Exchange Lists VITE & NAMI/USDT Eligible for 10x Market-Making as Mining on ViteX On March 10th, Nami.Exchange listed our VITE coin on their exchange for VITE/USDT trading pairs. Click here for more information. NAMI/USDT trade pairs became eligible for 10x Market-Making as Mining on our ViteX decentralized exchange on March 5th. ViteX Lists AUTO/USDT Pair On March 11th, ViteX newly listed AUTO/USDT paring on our DEX exchange. AUTO, also known as Autofarm, is a hyper-optimized cross-chain yield aggregator deployed on Binance Smart Chain and the Huobi ECO Chain. VITE Mainnet Coin Soon Trading on Upbit Exchange Soon, Upbit users will be able to trade VITE on Upbit! Please note that VITE’s existing deposit address will be unavailable due to a deposit stoppage happening on 3/16 at 12:00 Korea Standard Time. Please refer to the following link for more info (in Korean and English): Announcing our 100,000 VCP Retweet Contest Winners We want to thank all the participants of our Vite Community Points (VCP) Contest! The winners of the contest were announced on our Vite Labs Twitter handle here. Congratulations! Remember, VCP can be used to purchase swag and merchandise at The more you give to Vite, the more VCP you get! ViteX AMAs: Epic Cash and Dune Network Over the last two weeks, we held not one, but two AMA’s with our friends at Epic Cash and Dune Network. The AMA with Epic Cash was held on our Vite Exchange Telegram channel at A full transcript of the AMA is coming soon. Our AMA with Dune Network can be seen on our YouTube channel here. Make sure you check it out because we’re giving away 100 TON to the top five questions (20 TON each) posted in the comment section! Youtube Video Community Contributions and Shoutouts Our friends at @vite_news on Twitter shared a great tweet below about our pending integration of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) into ViteX. Check it out! We cordially welcome the team at VITEtools for building an awesome site, From this site, users can download all kinds of data such as transactions and mining data as .csv files. All data is in real-time from Vite’s blockchain or from the ViteX API. Well done! Industry Exchanges The Blockchain Debate Podcast We are looking for great guests to participate in our podcast to discuss and debate the world of blockchain. Previous debaters include thought leaders in the space like Jimmy Song, Haseeb Quereshi, Lyn Alden, Qiao Wang, and many others. Previous motions include: Bitcoin is a scam. Ethereum is too early for institutional money. China will lead the world in blockchain innovation. Diem is a glorified PayPal. …and many more. Interested in being a guest? Let us know! The Blockchain Debate Podcast is a channel for Vite Labs to connect and brainstorm with key thought leaders in the industry. Check out all the episodes here: The Blockchain Debate Podcast. You can also follow Richard on Twitter: @gentso09. Also, don’t forget to also follow The Blockchain Debate Podcast on Twitter: @blockdebate. Vite and VX Data ---------------------------------------------- Official: ViteX Official: Instagram: Twitter: Vite Forum: Telegram: English: Chinese: Russian: Korean: Japanese: Vietnamese: Thai: Arabic: German: French: Turkish: Indonesian: Spanish: Portuguese: Malaysian: Filipino: Bengali: African: Discord: Reddit: Facebook: