Vite Interview Quiz Campaign | CryptoDealers

  • Answer questions based on our video interview to win VITE!


    CMO Luke Kim and Technical Director Allen Liu were interviewed by Cryptodealers.

    We launched a quiz based on this so you can participate and win VITE! Watch the interview HERE.


    • Answer questions about the interview:
    • Upon finishing the quiz, retweet ( with a comment about your thoughts on the interview. Include the $vite hashtag.
    • All questions must be answered correctly to win rewards.
    • The first 20 qualified participants will receive 300 VITE each. One winner will be randomly selected to win another 500 VITE. All other qualified participants will receive 100 VITE.
    • The quiz will expire 24 hours after being posted.

    Good luck!

    ** Vite Labs reserves the right of interpretation for the campaign.

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