[SBP Proposal] SwissVite.org — 28-03-2019 —  SwissVite contributions summary

  • SBP


    Dear Vite community,

    SwissVite has lots of plans and ideas to help Vite grow, but for now, we would like to share our efforts thus far.

    • Community building:

    🆕 We are pleased to release the full version of our new tool, the SwissVite Node Dashboard. SwissVite wants to help VITE actors and full nodes and SBPs owners! So we created:

    1. An individual tool on our SwissVite website to follow the activity of your nodes: (https://swissvite.org/node-dashboard/)

    2. A chatbot to monitor your node's status 24/7! Send us a message and get started now! (https://discord.gg/EN8y9Jy)

    Thanks to @Decentraliser-MY-DCL for this great tool and all the work done for the community! We still have more than 100 full nodes registered during our BETA program. We are happy to achieve this tool and to see a so fast adoption.
    Announcement HERE

    • Social media channels:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/EKYYJv
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwissVite
    Blog: https://swissvite.org/blog/
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IA-JtFOmOPRiPcBgAm_mSQ
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_1z4FVCE4yPDqBXo_18Bg/

    These channels are used to promote our SwissVite SBP (share our articles, our rewards distribution, answer questions, etc.) and Vite network. We hope that in a near future they will become the main hub for the European Vite community and events.

    • Marketing activities:

    🆕 We are pleased to publish a new article on our SwissVite blog "ViteX, a true DEX on VITE public chain": https://swissvite.org/vitex-a-true-dex-on-vite-public-chain/
    Love & Share!

    • Offline activities:

    🆕 SwissVite team has a meeting this week to setup our development plan for 2019. VR projects, games, community tools, stay tuned, SwissVite is at work!

    • Reward distribution:

    Since November 28th, 2018 SwissVite SBP distributed over 10k VITE weekly to our voters, for a total of 180k VITE back to the community.
    You can check SwissVite payouts with our Checker app here: https://swissvite.org/rewards/

    • Ecosystem building:

    🆕 To insure decentralization and to support ViteX exchange and Vitelabs, SwissVite team decided to stake a dedicated amount of VITE from our representative account to generate quota for ViteX. In decentralization we trust, ViteX decentralization we'll support!

    SwissVite is the first community-ran SBP to distribute rewards to Vite users. We are currently the best choice with the official SBPs, with a daily ROI around 0.04%! We believe this is the least we can do for the community members trusting us with their votes! #ViteCommunity

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