What can Vite blockchain do in a 'Smart city'?

  • What can Vite blockchain do in a 'Smart city'?

    I took a look at Vite.org and saw the potential of Vite Smart city.
    Here is my fore-vision

    Smart Payments – Of course, because Vite's recent products of wallets are amazing and super fast. Facilitate all municipal payments on a blockchain based solution, including: city programs, assistance, welfare, payroll, etc.

    Identity – Vite will be the latest decentralized Identity Management systems use blockchain to provide a secure mechanism for storing and validating user identities, thereby reducing identity thefts and related frauds. And no control your date from the third party, no selling our personal data anymore.

    Transportation Management – Use of blockchain to remove the rent-seekers in the ride-sharing economy (Uber, etc.). This enables a truly P2P platform for transportation. And drivers will no longer share the commission for Uber company (as an example) 😛

    Smart Energy – Create a more resilient power grid by using a blockchain powered p2p energy market. This removes sent seeking middle men and allows individuals to create, buy, sell, and trade energy while retaining value.

    Government Services – Smart contracts can be used for digitizing citizen rights and identification, transparent voting, tax, track ownership of assets, remove paper, and automate bureaucratic processes.

    Waste management – Improve efficiencies surrounded the entire waste management process by using IoT sensors and AI prediction modeling.

    Right now Vite has partnership with Syracuse - the city of American and I believe these expectation will soon to come true!

    What I found:

    Vite Labs is working with the City of Syracuse, New York, in order to create a first-of-its-kind municipal token economy called SyraCoin. Our project is a government contract under Startup-In-Residence, which is a federal grant program that matches startups and cities in order to solve social use cases.

    The Syracuse Token Economy is a mechanism for cities to raise self-sufficient and self-directed funds for their own programs and infrastructure, without relying on state / federal budgets and availability of nonprofit grants.

    Vite Labs' vision is to prove the model in one city, for all cities.

    What about your expectation?? Share it here 😄

  • $vite needs to go to the heartland of America -- cities experiencing hollowing-out at their core. They can use the help of blockchain tech

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