Referral Program is Updated on Vite Wallet! (Campaign of Sharing Vite Mobile Wallet)

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    Dear Vite Mobile Wallet users,

    As you all may or may not know, the Vite labs team has been hard at work building and designing the Vite wallet to be as awesome as possible. We wanted to use this post as an opportunity to pat ourselves on the back (just a little) before we get back to work adding more great features.

    Looking back on this past quarter, it's amazing to see how far Vite's wallet app has come. We've improved the user interface, added the VITE airdrop feature, built a game (High Roller) on the top of Vite Public Chain and added wallet support for ERC20 and GRIN.

    The number of Vite wallet users has increased from a couple hundred during its early days to almost 20,000 presently. We couldn't have done this without the help of every single one of our users, so a huge thank you to you all!

    By now, you should know that thank-you's usually come with some sort of a campaign. So, back by popular demand is the wallet referral program!

    There are three "tiers" of sharing. The maximum reward is 68,000 VITE for a single user.

    Here are the rules:

    • Tell your friends to download the Vite Wallet and fill out your exclusive referral code on the sharing page.
    • Tier 1: When you share your code with your friends, you will each receive 10 VITE after the referral code is used. Your friends will receive 10 VITE on their accounts immediately and you will receive 5 VITE upfront and the other 5 VITE after your friends claim VITE on the app's Airdrop 3 times.
    • Tier 2: When your referred friends share their referral code(s) with their friends, you will receive 20% of the reward (2 VITE) for each of their referrals.
    • Tier 3: When your friend's friends share their referral code(s), you will receive 5% of the reward (0.5 VITE) for each referral.
    • Each referral code can be used at most 50 times (a.k.a. a single user can only refer up to a maximum of 50 friends).

    Referral code must be filled out correctly in app in order to be eligible for the program. See below section for how to fill in the code.

    How to input the referral code

    1. On your setting tab, hit "Invite frinends and win VITE" link
    2. Now a page like below will be displayed, and you need to input your inviter's referral code in the text-box marked in red circle.

    Tips: You can also find your total earnings including how much you get from Tier 1 - 3 in this page

    An additional incentive:

    The top 50 addresses with the most referrals will receive even more prizes on top of their VITE rewards!
    Depending on your rank, you will receive between 10,000–500,000 VCP. The top 10 addresses will receive a Vite T-shirt as well!

    It doesn't stop there...

    You can still keep referring friends even after this campaign ends! After May 31st, the Vite wallet app will send airdrops of a random amount of VITE, VCP, VX, GRIN, ETH to the top 50 addresses the month after the announcement of an important wallet update. For example, if Update X is announced in June, the airdrop will happen by the end of July.


  • @Choeriswangqiji let's role the cryptocurrency world

  • Good news

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    @Choeriswangqiji For latest android version, nothing form to add invite codealt text


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    Small to inviet reward

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    @Joseph-A-Satu Only brand new mobile wallet will have the input box

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    I love this.... But I can't find the invite and earn vite button on my app

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    @Sammynathaniels try the fourth tab?

  • How do I exchange it to btc and others

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    Nice information

  • Nice project 😁😁😁

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