Get VCP by voting for SBP - May 2019

  • SBP

    SwissVite SBP will airdrop 1 VCP for each VITE coin you earn by voting for our SBP. So you will get VITEs AND VCPs daily by voting for from your wallet!

    The campaign will run for the next 2 years, so be sure that you will have your favorite VITE's material at 👈

    • What is VCP?

    VCPs are Vite Community Points. A VITE token used as a currency at You can only earn VCP through the Vitelabs campaigns, or through campaigns sponsored by Vitelabs.

    • How to get VCPs with SwissVite?

    Open your wallet and vote for

    A special thanks to Vitelabs, partner for 50% in this campaign.


    VCPs have no vocation to be traded against other crypto assets, it's a token only used to get VITE's material.

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