SBP Ecosystem Incentive Plan - Reward Notice (Round 2)

  • After careful consideration, the Vite Labs team have a unanimous vote for the approval of this proposal of Snap Secure.

    The proposal of Snap Secure:

    SBP Snap Secure, as an Australian SBP, has joined Vite Community in commencement, and actively involved in the commitment to the construction of Vite communities and improvement of mainnet functions and documents of go-vite, whose contributions contain:

    1. Raising of the official website of its SBP community, also Twitter with heaps of visit.
    2. Compose satisfying articles to guide by virtue of what to make an SBP and full node. Simultaneously, hold community campaigns to boost communication and interactions.
    3. Submit improvement and betterment advice about go-vite, perfecting mainnet functions.
      4.A pioneer of Vite Airdrops to communities.
    4. Commence making preparations for dApp’s research and development.

    The period in which Snap Secure would earn double its Block-Producing Rewards: (UTC/GMT + 08:00) December 31, 2018 - January 7, 2019

    Points awarded this round: 8 points

    Snap Secure's proposal is also eligible for the monthly proposal contest, and the contest period will last for about four weeks. (Winning proposals will earn 2x its Block-Producing Rewards in January)

    Vite really appreciates your accomplishment.
    Happy New Year!

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