[SBP Proposal] SwissVite.org — 15-05-2019 —  SwissVite contributions summary

  • SBP


    Dear Vite community,
    SwissVite has lots of plans and ideas to help Vite grow, but for now, we would like to share our efforts thus far.

    • Community building:

    🆕 We are pleased to announce that we are starting our french campaign to focus on developing the French community on Vite. We are already managing the French telegram group and we have translated all our website in French (www.swissvite.org/fr). Our blog and all the post will be translated by the end of the month.

    🆕We updated some of our contents to match the latest Vite development.
    Content review:

    • Social media channels:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/EKYYJv
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwissVite
    Blog: https://swissvite.org/blog/
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IA-JtFOmOPRiPcBgAm_mSQ
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_1z4FVCE4yPDqBXo_18Bg/

    These channels are used to promote our SwissVite SBP (share our articles, our rewards distribution, answer questions, etc.) and the Vite network. We hope that in the near future they will become the main hub for the European Vite community and events.

    • Offline activities:

    🆕 Our designer @estoy started to design with the cooperation of @Isotope235 what the Vite casino will look like. It’s very difficult for us not to share what they already did, but we want to keep the surprise until the release.

    • Marketing activities:

    🆕 We updated our website (www.SwissVite.org) to explain with more clarity what is SwissVite and what is our vision with Vite.
    This week was also the occasion to redefine the SwissVite long term goals.

    • Reward distribution:

    Since November 28th, 2018 SwissVite SBP distributed rewards to our voters.
    You can check SwissVite payouts with our Checker app here: https://swissvite.org/rewards/

    • Ecosystem building:

    You can join the French telegram, it is managed by us 😉 https://t.me/vite_french

    SwissVite is the first community-ran SBP to distribute rewards to Vite users. We are currently offering a daily ROI of around 0.04% + a VCP airdrop!

    SwissVite created a bot on Twitter where you can track VITE ERC20 conversion. @BotVite

    SwissVite has a node monitor tool to check the statue of your node 24H: https://swissvite.org/node-dashboard/

    SwissVite offers a private monitoring solution for node owners through our discord channel.

    SwissVite created a bot on discord where you can track all DAGs related content, to shill VITE on social media.

    SwissVite blog is full of content, visit https://swissvite.org/blog/ to know more about VITE ecosystem. 🆕 Now also in French!

    Follow VITE and SwissVite news and announcements on Twitter @SwissVite, we post here contents daily.


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