Monthly Superstar Community Manager Election

  • The Vite community now encompasses 15 different language groups. As a way to recognize and incentivize our current team of amazing community managers, we are launching a monthly community manager "Superstar" program.

    1. Who can participate?

    This program is open to all community managers who are responsible for managing a non-English language group, including on-trial managers and volunteers.

    1. How does the selection process work?

    This competition will start from May, and due on the last day of each month. You will need to submit a report in the Vite forum that describes your contribution to the Vite language group during the course of the month. The Vite Labs team will review each report and select the community manager of the month based on both your performance as well as your report. (Similar to how we select weekly SBP)

    1. What counts as a contribution?

    For example, contributions may include (but are not limited to):

    • Increase in new members
    • Any campaigns that you launch
    • Number and frequency of member activity within the group
    • Articles that you translate
    1. What will you get for being a "Superstar"

    The winner will receive a reward of 2,500 VITE for that month.

    1. About campaigns

    Vite Labs encourages each manager to create his or her own airdrop activities (maximum once a month). If you choose to do so, please send your proposal and budget to me for getting approval.

    1. How to participant?

    Community managers must send a report under "Superstar Community Manager Election" page on forum before the last day of each month. Vite's team will announce the winner in the 1st week of each following month.

    The title of the report should be: [Superstar Election] Your language Group - Month Year. For example: [Superstar Election] Russian Group - April 2019.

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