SBP Proposal - ViteTI - 1st Proposal (6.6.19) - Our progress

  • ViteTI is proud to compete for the weekly proposal (SBP Ecosystem Incentive Plan).

    • A new Community SBP:

    We launched a new community SBP on the 5th of June 2019. Our SBP'll offer a large distribution. We are pleased to join the block producers activity and to help for a better decentralization in the network.

    • Marketing:

    ViteTI will distribute 100% of its rewards to its voters, for 2 weeks!
    This extraordinary activity will start on the 5th of June, and end on the 20th of June!
    First payout cycle: 15. Last payout cycle: 29

    • Distribution

    As stated above, the distribution will be fixed at 100% of our earnings for the first two weeks.
    After that period of time, the distribution will be at 70% of our daily earnings.

    Our homemade distribution code is now up and ready and proceeds payments since yesterday.

    • Social Media:

    Find ViteTI on our new social media:
    Vite offical forum:
    e-Mail: [email protected]

    • Building

    More functions will be added to our webpage, soon our voters will have the ability to consult their reward historic on

    • Thanks

    Special thanks to the Vite community for your early votes and support.
    Warm thanks to the official Vite channel admins for your warm welcome.
    Hugh thanks to Vitelabs for all the works done to offer the best public chain.

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