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    Dear Vite dApp developers:

    Thanks for choosing VITE and developing your dApps on the top of VITE public chain.

    Let's make a brief introduction about yourself and let the community get a better understanding of you and your dApps.

    Please describe your dApp in accordance with the below questions.

    1. Please start a new post under the thread of Applying for Listing.

    2. The post shall contain the name and the game link of your dApps

    3. The introductions of your dApps.

    4. Listed on Vite mobile wallet already or not?

    5. The contract address of your dApp

    6. Is the dApp open-sourced or not?

    7. The link of its contract source code.

    8. The link of its front-end source code.

    9. Please upload your source code to Vite explorer: and put its link in the dapp's introduction (for example: https://explorer.vite.net/account/vite_d789431f1d820506c83fd539a0ae9863d6961382f67341a8b5)

    Thanks for your contribution and hard work towards Vite community!

    Let's Create Something Cool!

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