VITE Airdrop Rules Update

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    Dear Vite mobile wallet users,

    To date, we have attracted over 100,000 downloads of the mobile wallet. Thank you all for your continued support of the Vite mobile wallet!

    To help more people gain a better understanding of VITE and its ecosystem, we have modified the airdrop rules in the latest updates (Android Ver. 2.1.2 & iOS Ver. 2.3.1) Please make sure to download the latest version of the wallet!

    New Rules

    For New Vite Wallet Users

    New wallet users are categorized as those who have claimed VITE airdrop fewer than 14 times. You have two options to get rewards:

    1. Link your Twitter account to your Vite wallet. If you do this, you will be able to claim 10 VITE per day for 14 days. All you will need to do is open the Vite wallet app, and click the airdrop button. This will take you to the new airdrop page where you can directly log in to your Twitter account. Once you do so, your Airdrop page should look like this:

    2. No Twitter link. If you choose not to link your Twitter account, you will be able to claim 3 VITE per day for 14 days. Your airdrop page will look like this: New_NoTwitter.jpg

    For Returning Vite Wallet Users

    Returning wallet users are categorized as those who have already claimed VITE airdrop greater than 14 times. You will have two options to get rewards:

    1. Link your Twitter account to your Vite wallet. If you do this, you will be able to claim up to 10 VITE per day once you complete the daily tasks (further details below).Returning_Twitter.jpg

    2. No Twitter link. If you choose to neither link your Twitter account nor complete the daily tasks, you will be able to claim 1 VITE per day. Please note that in order to do the daily tasks, you must log in with your Twitter account. If you don't, the daily missions will be grayed out. Returning_NoTwitter.jpg

    Note: the airdrop lottery is still in effect, which means that all users who claim airdrop rewards will have the potential to randomly receive 1,000 VITE when claiming airdrop rewards.

    Daily tasks

    1. Stake 134 VITE to get airdrop rewards (5 VITE). As you all know, staking VITE on the VITE public chain allows users to send transactions with high frequency (without having run any PoW calculations).
    2. Retweet Vite's #dailydrop post on Twitter to get airdrop rewards (4 VITE). You will be able to find this post in the "Missions" section of your Airdrop Station.

    Currently, VITE is available to trade on Bittrex, Upbit and

  • 😍🥰 this project is the real Diamond of 2019 and the following years!

  • @Choeriswangqiji hi my twitter why 1vite i receive? I retweet also why this happen? How to fix this?

  • @TheFLip666 Please complete the tasks first and then claim.

  • @fabianschmid86 I hipe you are right. But at it seems now the vite does not go up in Price. And t think for us users that come evry day. 10 Vite is What 0.000001 dollas worth or somthing. Just that you have to have 134 vite to be in the lottery is a joke i think. How many new users can get that. And there is not any possibillity to earn btc or other currency. Why not. And where is the possibillity to earn 1000 or more vites a day, as new user. Many tines it says to put my referal in... Wich referal. Then it says you already got it or somthing. A what !! I am confused

  • My App on the airdrop button says "Register". After taping on it there is a message displayed "Temporarily does not support your device". Does it mean that I'm dropped out of the Airdrop because of my phone?

    That would not be fair. It's on Android 7.1.1 phone, so it's not really old.
    "Temporarily" is a delicate way of saying "it's not supported and maybe never will be".

  • @andwin According to the reminder, your device is not supported for now but I believe our devs will work hard and try best to make vite mobile wallet compatible as many devices as it can.

  • @Choeriswangqiji hello from Turkey. I can't claim in vite app. How can do it ?

  • @tahsintuncer Hi, is there any tips on the screen app? Have you updated to the latest version?

  • @blaup 1. for new users, they can claim 10 VITE daily for 14 times if they bind the Twitter, which means they will have enough 134 VITE for stake once 14 times comes.
    2. for staking, it's not a joke, we really want beside the airdrop you gain, you learn about VITE. Good for both users and Vite.
    3. Referral program is not yet activated. Kindly stayed tuned for further notice.
    4. Both new and old user have chance to join Vite airdrop lottery, which is rarely, you win lottery means you are lucky, if not, let's enjoy what you gain. Good luck!

  • @blaup stay up to date in our channel

  • @fabianschmid86 that is great

  • very nice

  • How to claim the reward?

  • @muffin0920 After downloading and installing on your mobile, click the second tab. You will find it on the top.

  • Good morning

  • @Choeriswangqiji as I tried to make to your attention. The vite Airdrop Dosent Work, I can Not. Claim the 10 votes, I tried and tried. Also I tried to skate now for over 20 Days But Nothing Happens. I tried and tried it to get it to log in to twitter, it took me 14 trues for vite to confirm that. If I stake all the vite I have, let's say 150 I have 160. So that should be possible Right. NOT it don't stake the 150 vite. Also I inserted my address


    as I should, But still Nothing Happens, I don't get any confirmation or anything. So I know for a fact that Many things about vite that don't work, and work at all. Hope vite one day will take me more serious and LISTEN When members tell them about flaws and what not. I will never write to vite about Amy flaws again trust me on that. Thx VITE 😉 Good Job By The Way

  • @Choeriswangqiji Dosent work as I mentioned Many times Now

  • @blaup Hi is there any tip on your mobile device?

  • Very good.

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