SBP Proposal - ViteTI - 2nd proposal (27.6.19)

  • Fellow Viters,

    ViteTI is proud to compete for the SBP proposal (SBP Ecosystem Incentive Plan).

    ViteTI'll share with you our recent developments:

    • A new Community SBP:

    After a successful launch on the 5th of June 2019, our SBP found a place in the top 25, thanks to the community.

    After a special 100% distribution bonus, we introduced a new and regular distribution of 70%, with a special 85% distribution for our top 3 voters.

    • Marketing:

    🔔 We are pleased to release today our new webpage in 10 languages!!! 👈
    So everyone can understand what ViteTI is. We will also continue to keep a close relationship with the local Vite CMs, to ensure good communication with our Viters worldwide.

    ViteTI is running a community campaign this week together with Juan, the community manager of the Vite Arabic Community group on Telegram. Lucky winners can win 100 Vite coins/day. Join the campaign now on the Arabic Community channel on Telegram.

    • Distribution

    As stated above, the distribution is now fixed at 70% of our earnings, and 85% for our top 3 voters.

    • Social Media:

    Find ViteTI on our new social media:
    Vite official forum:
    e-Mail: [email protected]

    • Building

    We are currently working on:

    1. The Arabic translation of our webpage
    2. A table with our top 3 voter weights
    3. A reward checker to consult your gains
    • Thanks

    Special thanks to the Viters who keep their votes with us after the end of the campaign.
    Warm thanks to the Arabic Vite CM for your support and your help.
    Huge thanks to you, active participants of the Vite Community!

  • Thank you @ViteLabs for the rewards!!!!

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