SBP Ecosystem Incentive Plan - Reward notice (Round 3)

  • In the third round of the SBP Ecosystem Incentive Plan, Vite Labs received one proposal from SBP community.

    The proposal of SwissVite:

    Vite Labs have a unanimous vote for the approval of the proposal of SwissVite.

    As the first SBP located in Switzerland, Swiss Vite has demonstrated a commitment to the Vite community with various types of media promotions. These include many articles that introduce VITE and Vite Labs and promoting the project of Vite in cooperation with other blockchain communities. These items played a significant role in reaching out to our Swiss Vite fans. Vite truly appreciates Swiss Vite team's contribution!

    The period in which Swiss Vite would earn double its Block-Producing Rewards: (UTC/GMT + 08:00) January 07, 2019 - January 14, 2018

    Points awarded this round: 7.2 points

    SwissVite's proposal is also eligible for the monthly proposal contest, and the contest period will last for about four weeks. (Winning proposals will earn 2x its Block-Producing Rewards in January)

  • SwissVite,agree,nice job

  • SBP

    Thank you for your support Vite team and community!

    We are working on something cool for our backers, stay tuned, an announcement will follow!

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