SBP Proposal - ViteTI - 3rd proposal (11.7.19)

  • Fellow Viters,

    ViteTI is proud to compete for the SBP proposal (SBP Ecosystem Incentive Plan).

    ViteTI'll share with you our recent developments:

    • A new Community SBP:

    👊 You can now check your rewards on We released today a new tool available on our website that helps you to check payouts and earnings.

    👊 A list of our top3 voters is also available from today on! You can now check in real time and online the weight of our top3 voters.

    • Marketing:

    We released today an Arabic version of our website. As we have a strong relationship with the Arabic community, so it was important for us to make our website available in Arabic. Enjoy! 👈

    • Distribution

    As stated above, the distribution is now fixed at 70% of our earnings, and at 85% for our top 3 voters.

    • Social Media:

    Find ViteTI on our new social media:
    Vite official forum:
    e-Mail: [email protected]

    • Building

    We are currently working on:
    ViteTI works on the development of a new Vite service. We have the plan to release this service in Q1 2020. More information will follow further developments. ViteTI wants to keep the project secret for now, but be sure ViteTI is working on the development of the Vite ecosystem. All funds collected from proposals or extra activities will be used to fund this project.

    • Thanks

    Special thanks to our Viters who trust us with their votes since our launch.
    Warm thanks to our top3 voters, you are big part of our success.
    Big thanks to you, Vitelabs, for supporting SBPs with the proposal program!

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