• The Vite Community was asking for a fair game, we released this week a fair and well-known game, a Roulette Game.


    • A Roulette Game, fair by design

    With a hedge of 2.7% for the house, the Roulette is a game that everyone can play and... Win! That's why we chose to create a Roulette Game for our first app.

    As it is important for us to be transparent with the community, we decided to share with you all the public data (from the blockchain), so you can see that the game is 100% fair:

    • A good start

    We are really happy to see that the community gives us a strong welcome.
    Look at that:

    unknown (1).png

    It's more than 2500 bets in less than 72h. Our release is still a success!

    • Future development
    1. Improve the Roulette Game
    2. Incorporate our SBP to a game (rewards)
    3. Build a web platform (
    • Thanks

    We would like to thank the community for your support in these first days. We really hope that you enjoy our game.

    We would like to thank Vitelabs for support during the development phase.

    We would like to thank the SwissVite team for all the support. You pushed this project from a google sheet to an ambitious gaming platform.

    Download your VITE wallet ( to find the Vite.Casino app.

    Vite.Casino SBP produces block for the Vite Network since Q1 2019.

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