Story of Our Global Family: IC_Node Interview

  • As our Supernode and Snapshot Block Producer (SBP) programs gain momentum, Vite Labs would like to highlight IC_Node, another one of our fantastic Supernode operators!

    We hope that this conversation with our friends from Russia will inspire Vite supporters from around the world. Becoming an SBP is a rewarding path to joining the Vite ecosystem.

    The story behind IC_node shows the global reach of Vite’s family. Alexander Chuienko, leader of IC_Node, discovered Vite through his friend Oleg who is our Community Manager. After some action oriented dialogue, Alexander launched his Supernode with ambitious plans in mind. IC is an abbreviation of Institute Capital, which is a venture capital fund which he started in order to invest in blockchain technologies. Alexander is an investor in several projects, however, he runs only one Supernode.

    Alexander spends his free time running an extensive community of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts through Telegram and other means. Our intention is to collaborate in Russian and Ukrainian markets in the future, and Vite remains a strong ally to IC_Node and to any others interested in the Supernode and SBP programs.

    Care to get involved and earn rewards, from running a Supernode to becoming an SBP?
    Check out our Medium article entitled Supernode 101 | Earn Vite Rewards Daily.
    This is a 4 minute read and all necessary information is provided.

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