Introduction of ViteX Operator [Vite Labs]

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    Operator introduction
    As the technical provider of ViteX, VITE LABS will become the first and official Operator after ViteX is launched. Also VITE LABS will complete the token-forging work of some basic cross-chain crypto currencies and open the corresponding transaction pairs.
    In the early stage of ViteX, VITE LABS will play an important role for the development of ViteX As ViteX and other operators grow up, VITE LABS will weaken its functions.
    Gateway service
    BTC-000 vite_050697d3810c30816b005a03511c734c1159f50907662b046f
    ETH-000 vite_050697d3810c30816b005a03511c734c1159f50907662b046f
    USDT-000 vite_050697d3810c30816b005a03511c734c1159f50907662b046f
    GRIN-000 vite_050697d3810c30816b005a03511c734c1159f50907662b046f
    Trading pair
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