[Superstar Election] Arabic group - July 2019

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    1- Increase in new members
    1.1 campaigns that you launch
    1.2 Number and frequency of member activity within the group
    1.3 Articles that have been translated
    1.4 social media that published about Vite
    2-Future work
    3-vite project promotion
    4- suggestions

    The Arabic group has created since 11 April 2019 ,Vite was new to Arab crypto community ,there was no any post about Vite in all groups and Arabic telegram Channels. I start group with 4 members which they are VITE team .
    im responsible to solve and answer all questions in my group ,also making activities and task in order to attract crypt new members to Vite ,the
    Since last time i applied for star manger , i continued to attract new members and make vite labs Arabic community bigger ,i runed airdrop same as in vite app with Arabic version , i runned twitter task for 10 days , i created a Google form with one time pre user (5 july -15 july) the twitter task it self contained many different tasks in order to avoid our user get block by twitter if they re-tweet daily . the tasks were retweet articles that i wrote about vite in abstract , tag a friend , comment , add members to vite telegram group . only users who followed vite labs Arabic and joined telegram were legal to get rewards . the results were very good , the rewards was 4 vite for daily task pre one user . (with max 40 vite if the users participated for 10 days )
    The total number of participators 83 user , i did alone and check over 800 posts on twitter (more than 7 hours checking ) and made list with all their information and sent to vite lab .
    Campaigns Held
    5 july to 15 July Qualifying conditions:
    ・Joined Vite arabic Telegram
    ・Following @vite labs arabic
    ・Tag friends , retweet. Comment ,add members to telegram group …etc
    Selection method:
    all post and retweet ,and all other tasks were check manually by me , which took about one full day
    The results of this manual airdrop :
    Twitter : from 3 followers >>>>90 followers
    Re tweet : average 60 times
    Telegram from from 415 >>>>730 members
    Facebook vite labs arabic friends : 695
    Medium viewers : over 162 time

    the second activity : in order to support our community SBP , i had agreement with Viteti SBP ; as follow :
    I run activities in my group and i will mange and check those winners and prepare posts ....etc about activities : the condition's were rewards only for whom voted to viteti ,and viteti send the rewards to winner . the competition were 5 lucky Numbers . this activities were for 6 days . every day in fixed time for an hour .

    2.4 Articles that you translate
    I have translated and update some old articles about new airdrop policy since june 2019 until 28 july 6 articles published on MEDIUM : links to my articles:







    2.5 extra managing and Activities

    I am also admin of English group and vitex and now German group

    3- Report about bugs ,cheating on vite app
    Due im also crypto trader since 2013 I participate to test dex and report buges and suggitions to team

    2-Future work
    Make Arabic telegram group over 1000 ,running new activities related to vitex ,new takes on YouTube crypto channels . and more activities will be launched on august ,to encourage our users to use vitex

    3-Vite project promotion :

    I have projact to toknize restaurants and make my coins as payment for online food order in germany and make real use of tokens , i have issues my project token on vite chain ‘ WEpay’ . the further plan to listed WEpay on vitex and creat a dapp . and make the dapp as getway for exchange with community tokens which wont be listed on vitex .such as doge coin ..etc

    4-Suggestions :
    1-Vip on vitex , better provided who much they saved since the pay 0.1 fee .
    2-Eth tokens on vite app should be more clear to users(most users dont know that vite app also wallet for all eth tokens
    3-Issue a token as rewards for local group for and set limit min withdraw then exchange the rewards by admins to vite . to keep user participate in activities since min exchange will be limited

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