Introduction of ViteX Operator [ Bi23 capital ]

  • Operator Name:Vite.bi23

    Operator Introduction:

    Bi23 capital is an experienced team that provides crypto digital currency staking and DeFi financial services. Bi23 not only independently develops DApps such as coinwar and sports event prediction, but also are the active validators of cosmos (atom. bi23. com)、IRISnet (iris. bi23) and Tezos (tezos. bi23) ,which have maintaining 100% online rate and stable block rate based on our independent data centres in USA and HK.

    Bi23 team has been paying close attention to the development of Vite ecology and keeping in continuous touch with vite official team. Through our crypto navigation site( ), our official twitter and wechat as well as telegram groups, we have actively and extensively promoted the increase of vite consensus in the forms of daily data report, latest news and so on.

    Gateway Services: Yes

    Currency: be pending

    Currency Description:be pending

    Bi23 Official:

    Telegram:Liqianyi,andrew shen
    Official website:
    Vite website:

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