Introduction of ViteX Operator [VGATE]

    1. Operator name

    2. Logo
      vgatelogo 小.jpg

    3. Operator introduction
      As an operator of ViteX, VGATE is responsible for listing coins, deposit and withdrawal, cryptocurrency marketing and promoting and other services within VGATE's own marketing area.
      VGATE has complete capabilities as an operator, namely the capabilities of operating VGATE and its cryptos. In addition to helping users list cryptos, deposit and withdraw, and adjust transaction fees, VGATE can also mint coins, help other operators mint coins and run their gateways.

    4. Gateway service
      TERA: token info
      DERO token info
      BIS token info
      PASC token info
      ERGO token info
      NYZO token info

    5. Trading pair
      TERA/BTC TERA/VITE are available on Aug 2, 2019

    6. Contact of Customer Service
      For customer service: [email protected]
      For business cooperation: distantmountains(WeChat)

    7. Website and media
      Official website:

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