[Proposal For Listing][IXI]IxiCash: The native currency that powers the Ixian Platform

  • Token Information & Economics

    Token Name: IxiCash

    Symbol: IXI

    Total Supply: uncapped

    Circulating Supply: 637,645,338

    Operator: None

    Native Token on VITE?: NO

    Explorer: https://explorer.ixian.io/

    Token Allocation: 2BN of genesis funds are locked for a vesting period of roughly 5 years, with smaller increments being released after roughly each year of operation. Half of these genesis funds is intended for project development, while other half is intended as team reward.

    Are you compliant in all jurisdictions that you service and operate in?
    Regulation and relevant legislation has been at the focus of our long term planning and we have taken a really systematic approach and kept every aspect of the project in full accord with local and worldwide regulations that we know of. Ixian should not constitute as a security under any legislation.

    Project Summary

    Project Name: Ixian

    Project Website: https://www.ixian.io

    White Paper: Whitepaper available on the website is currently being updated (the information listed is outdated). New version will be available in the next week or two. When it is ready, we will update this post.

    Roadmap: https://www.ixian.io/#roadmap

    Ixian is a decentralized open source platform that empowers developers to build applications which require high speed encrypted data transfer.

    A one-sentence pitch about your Project
    Ixian aims to be a fully scalable, decentralized p2p platform, which utilizes blockchain technology. Ixian combines a DLT which is capable of handling high volumes of micro transactions with a decentralized S2 Network. This effectively allows encrypted high speed data transfer across a global network of nodes.

    What is the team size now?

     Marko Arh-Tadic - Project Lead
     Marko Zagar - Software Architect 
     Cristian Ciorba - Lead Developer
     Damir Rekic - Design & UX Lead 

    Where are you right now in your roadmap?
    Ixian DLT is in mainnet and operational. We are currently Beta testing Spixi and S2 Network, and developing the next version of both products.

    What is the business model of the Project?
    Ixian is an open source project. The coin distribution method is fair (no pre-sale or ICO/IEO), and IxiCash is distributed through PoW.

    What is the potential user base and market opportunity?
    Every person that requires a private and secure communication with others is a potential user of Ixian technology. Developers that aim to build apps that require a decentralized network. Generally speaking, we want to empower developers to deliver their solutions on a decentralized platform, saving resources and reducing entry costs by doing so.


    What are the technological innovations of the project, if there are any?
    Ixian DLT - custom built to facilitate for high volumes of micro transactions.
    Consensus Algorithm - Ixiac - is custom built. Ixian DLT doesn't rely on PoW to move forward. Each block is validated and included without the need for huge computational power.
    Ixian S2 - is a decentralized network, which facilitates a high speed encrypted transfer of data.
    Spixi - a decentralized instant messenger. It is powered by Ixian DLT and Ixian S2 networks, with an integrated IxiCash wallet. Spixi does not use any centralized servers, nor does it collect any personal information such as phone numbers and emails. All that is required for use is to install the Spixi client and have a working internet connection.

    In terms of Ixian’s specific features we can break it down to the following:

    • High volumes of micro transactions are handled quickly and efficiently.
    • Low transaction fees enable a true ecosystem for micro transactions.
    • Fast and secure end-to-end communication and data transfer.
    • Secure and private text, voice and video chat, with state of the art encryption methods.
    • Every node (be it Ixian S2 or Ixian DLT) can earn revenue by participating in the network.
    • Ability to stream real-time content to countless viewers, while earning revenue.
    • Fully open source technology.
    • No third parties, no central points of failure, no private information collected
    • Ability to maintain presences of connected nodes which allows a number of different technologies and applications to be built on top

    Where are your code repositories located?
    All Ixian code repositories are on GitHub:

    Do you have any products or UI demos can you share publicly? Are any built by your community, as opposed to being in-house demos?
    Ixian DLT node software
    S2 Node software is currently in Beta
    Spixi IM is currently in Beta

    All products in their current versions are available for download and can be accessed through our website or on GitHub.

    We would like to encourage all users to participate in the Beta and download and run both Spixi and S2 nodes.

    Do you plan to release weekly progress updates in this forum?
    We will post all progress directly to this forum and keep the community up to date. These updates will be posted when we reach milestones and release new versions of the software.


    Did you conduct any type of fundraising? When was it?
    No fundraising was conducted, nor will it be in the future.

    How much runway does your project require to ship the final product?
    According to our Roadmap, the final product should be available early 2020.


    Who do you view as your current competitors/peers?
    When we started out we failed to find a project or a service that aims to solve the same issues with a wholesome approach as we are doing. Down the road we have identified certain projects, that are working on solutions which resemble parts of what we are doing.

    What is your project’s competitive advantage over existing or potential future solutions?
    When we were starting out we planned on using an existing blockchain, but couldn’t find a perfect fit. So we decided to build one from scratch. While doing that we set out to develop an entire ecosystem which will allow developers and users to create a number of different decentralized solutions.

    We didn’t copy anything, we know our technology inside-out and we’ve built it with end-to-end data streaming in mind from the beginning.

    We’re focusing on a very specific problem, which blockchain can solve very effectively and not going overboard with broad features and different technologies. We have a realistic goal and a way to achieve it.

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