Vite.bi23 has officially become the supernode of VITE!

  • Bi23 have been the active validators of Cosmos, IRISnet, Tezos and Terra, today we are vrey honored to announce that vite.bi23 has become the SBP of Vite! we are excited to participate in the ecological construction of vite.

    Here are some rules of voting rewards in the trial operation stage from 12:00 on 23 August to 12:00 on 1 October, they will be optimized and adjusted according to the operation status of bi23 supernode.

    1, Voting reward rules:
    Bi23 node will award 75%-85% of the reward for running the super node to the voting users.

    Daily reward formula:
    My reward = my votes * ROI (Return on investment)
    ROI = (block reward + voting reward) * reward coefficient /(total votes + 500,000 mortgages)

    reward coefficient:

    • when bi23 is within Top 25 = 85%
    • when bi23 is out of Top 25 = 75%

    2. Reward time:
    From 12:00 a day to 12:00 the next day is a daily cycle, the reward will be automatically distributed at 15:00.

    Contact us:
    Email: [email protected]

    Official website:
    Official twitter:

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