Bi23+ViteX : Deposit ATOM / IRIS to get yield (about 10.8%-14.4%) rewards and BITT airdrops at the sametime!

  • Dear all:

    We are very honered to announce that Bi23 has officially become the ViteX operator now !We will start with deposit on 30th August !

    In order to benefit the community and serve our users better, Bi23 will launch a “double rewards event ” and expect all users to participate actively!

    From August 30th to September 30th, users can enjoy the following rewards by deposit their ATOM / IRIS:

    1, BITT airdrop rewards:

    • Deposit ATOM: Users will get 1:10 ratio BITT airdrop rewards

    • Deposit IRIS: Users will get 10:1 ratio BITT airdrop rewards

    About BITT:BITT is a token issued by Bi23, more details in

    2,Official annualized ratio of rewards :

    • Users who deposit ATOM and IRIS will be rewarded in terms of official annualized rate (ATOM≈10.8%、IRIS≈14.4%) .

    • more importantly , there's no 21-days locked up time , you can withdraw at any time ! ( the rewards portion of less than 21 days will be automatically deducted when you withdraw)


    That's all for the rules, looking forward to your participation on August 30!

    Bi23 will launch trading pairs on 9th September, stay tuned please!

    Business contact:
    Email: [email protected]

    Bi23 official website:
    Bi23 offiicial twitter:

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