[Superstar Election] Indonesian Group - August 2019

  • Superstar Election Indonesian Group

    ~ Increased New Members
    ~ Campaign Launched
    ~ Number and Frequency of member activities in the Group
    ~ Translate Articles

    • Increased New Members
      Since the beginning of the Indonesian Vite launched the number of members who have joined to date is around 1350+

    • Campaign Launched
      In August 2019 I launched the Group Chat Event with the aim of enlivening the group so as to strengthen community support for the project and restrict for not discussing other than Vite or other projects.
      The event went smoothly until it reached 10000+ Chat for 1 month

    • Number and Frequency of member activities in the Group
      Because most all members already understand about vite, the frequency of activities in the group is always stable, namely support for vite by the communities in the group.

    • Translate Articles
      I made some of my own articles and translated all the general articles published by the vite team. I posted everything on Medium and also forum vite.
      Medium : https://medium.com/vite-labs-indonesian
      Forum Vite : https://forum.vite.net/category/67/indonesian


    Thus my review on the Superstar Election Indonesian Group, I hope that the vite is growing and expanding throughout the world 🚀 🚀

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