missing tokens on the exchange.

  • exchanged vite on usdt,put the order and went with exchange.after 3 hours I go to the exchange order and tokens are gone.there is no sale or withdrawal transaction history.

  • Can you please provide step-by-step what you did and what happened? Right now, it is not that clear.

    Also, please provide the vite address using which you were placing the trades.

  • vite_648c4e579a2b7b0af5abeebcd73ca3a934df182bcc6516fa20

    1)went to the exchange, authorized.2)transferred vite tokens from the wallet to the exchange (with all confirmations)3) placed a sell order just below the market and left.When again authorized on the exchange, the price rose, and the usdt I did not get.Tokens vite also gone(on wallets they are not)

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