【ANN】SBP Ecosystem Incentive Plan Ends Sunday Sep 8th. Thank you all for supporting Vite!

  • Vite SBP ecosystem incentive plan has received tremendous support from our community since it was released in December 2018. As of September 5th 2019, we have received submissions of proposals from 8 SBPs with contributions in the following aspects:

    1. Community and website building
    2. Project spreading in various languages, arranging online activities and offline events, publishing articles and sharing media resources
    3. Developing tech tools such as payment gateways, Vite pubic chain based DApps, and other useful tools
    4. Introducing business, investment, and team cooperation opportunities

    The current SBP incentive plan will end on September 8th.
    We want to thank you all for your supports and contributions to the development of Vite’s ecosystem.
    A new rewards plan is being prepared and we look forward to your participation in the near future.

  • Thank you Vitelabs for supporting community SBPs, it was a good incentive for us to make a strong SBP ecosystem! It helped us a lot!

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