[Superstar Election]German group -September 2019

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    since German A bit restricted about public groups and privacy , the new member will try first to 100 % understand vite then he can join community , for this reason i have created also German Facebook profile and published articles about vite , i also joined many crypto groups and explained and discussed vite .
    The focus in German community is not Telegram but Facebook since its telegram not known well in Germany and for reasons i mentioned above.

    I runned for September German airdrop version.campaign was to follow vite German profile and share and retweet a post wrote by me about vite and vitex.:

    6 new members were add to Telegram, 190 followed profile on Facebook, 10 joined Facebook group.


    Articles that have been translated or updated:


    Future work
    Keep working and introducing vite to German community, creat Twitter profile ,makes some videos about vitex in German ,running new activities related to vite and vitex ,new campaign to attract new members .to encourage our users to use vitex

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