Superstar Election (Filipino Group) September 2019

  • Hi there I'm Anon (VITE Filipino Community Manager). It's my 1st time to join the Superstar Election.

    So here is my report
    I started the group with 12 members only and so far we have 119 active Members. The topic in my Community is always about the viteX, mining VX and about the latest campaign of VITE. I also greatly encouraged all of my members to join in all of the campaign because it's the best way to know more about the VITE and viteX.

    They also loved my translated medium content about the viteX. It's a great help to understand more for those interested in our great platform.

    I also tried my own campaign in my Community on past month before the launch of viteX and it's fun they like it. It was a trivia or question and answer portion. Where I am asking them randomly in different time about the VITE and viteX. I noticed that aside from the fact that they will become more active. They will also become interested in researching about the VITE and how it totally works ❤.

    My future plan aside from focusing on the growth of the group is to make a campaign were they will be able to make a trade and study more on how the viteX works. I believe that they know how to trade but didn't get the right idea on how perfectly the features of viteX from other decentralized exchanges.

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