VGATE Round 2 Listings 2nd poll

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    Congratulations to BAN, IXI, XBG and SEM on winning Round 2 listings, VGATE will fund these projects to list on ViteX in the near future!

    We have successfully negotiated with ViteX an opportunity for the first listed project to be eligible for market-making as mining as soon as it's listed. Being mining eligible on ViteX can encourage market depth, attract existing miners, and mine ViteX native coin VX to receive dividend.

    For this reason, we have decided to make another poll to determine which project will get listed first.


    Period: From 0:00 Nov 27 to 23:59 Dec 4 HKT

    • Please note that only 1 vote is allowed for each IP, any misconduct will result in disqualification from the poll.
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    Please contact us via [email protected] or VGATE-ViteX WeChat if you have any questions.

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