[Superstar Election]Arabic group -November 2019

  • 1- Increase in new members
    2- social media that i mange beside Telegram
    3, Articles that have been translated
    4-Future work

    Since the last time I applied for star manger, I continued to attract new members and make vite labs Arabic community bigger, in November i focused on Facebook community, since Telegram restricted in many Arabic countries. i started discuss about crypto and how vite is better and faster with zero fee
    Telegram November 730
    Twitter : 90
    Facebook vite labs Arabic friends : 780
    Vite labs Arabic Facebook group : 135 members
    Medium viewers : over148 time
    Articles that you translate
    all articles were written in gruops and in short and answered to all questions dirctly, regarding vx mining ....etc

    Future work
    Make Arabic bigger and effective not just a number in groups new activities related to vitex ,new takes on YouTube crypto channels . and more activities will be launched onDecember , to encourage our users to use vitex
    Suggestions :
    1-vitex in app is slow a bit
    2-Eth tokens on vite app should be more clear to users(most users dont know that vite app also a wallet for all eth tokens
    3-Issue a token as rewards for local group for and set limit min withdraw then exchange the rewards by admins to vite . to keep user participate in activities since min exchange will be limited
    4-Notification about up received transaction

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