VITE/VX Tokenomics

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  • @scooter_d

    Why should that happen? The VX that are released daily will greatly increase over time, this means that the dividends that you get for holding vx will be reduced over time (because your % share of vx gets deluded)
    Staking vite gets relatively stable return (even if all vite would be staked) meaning that over time vite gets more important. It will regulate itself..

  • @Michi to me an adjustment which would more sense to improve the attractiveness of vite would allow holders to vote on SBP’s with the vite they have in wallet (currently) as well with the vite they staked (suggestion)

    That way holding vite is more appealing and it makes sense to vote (other then by SBP’s themselves)

    Current daily rewards
    Vx (staking) +/- 0,3%
    Vite (staking) +/- 0,1%
    Vite (voting) +/-0,008%

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