Suggestion: Change VIP status

  • Currently spending 10.000 vite to get the Vite VIP status mainly benefits you when you are either mining VX through market making or when you are day trading, which is nice but when you are mining through trading it is actually a disadvantage because less fees equals less VX mined.

    Therefore I would suggest 3 changes to be implemented:

    1. Change staking 10.000 vite to get VIP status to: burn 10.000 vite to get permanent VIP status.

    2. Making sure that VIP status benefits all ->

    • let people choose between:
      A) fee discount (for day traders or market makers)
      B) mining fee bonus (for miners through trading)
    1. Because there are now (permanent) 2 VIP bonusses You could make the first VIP status 10.000 vite and the second 50.000 vite (Burned rather than staked)

    Please let me know how you you guys see this suggestion

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