@Richard_Yan Questions from Vite community 1- From Isato BTC 20k Why we cannot check ViteX history order at Vite explorer? It is not on chain?, and What’s the main focus of Vite 2.0? Do you think VITE is undervalue? What about the trading volume at ViteX, mostly bot trading? Any plan to featuring VITEX better? Coingecko rates ViteX top 1 dex but is depth is not ideal. 2-From Donald Ogbolu Good evening Mr. Richard. Thanks to you and team for the great work. Vite/Vx are both promising coin, all we just need is proper marketing. There is no body that will see the potential of what this coins had and will not want to grab it. My advice should be a change of marketing strategy and we are . 3- From Modеrn Try in Russia, there will be successful, I think, and the coverage is large