Vite Labs Leadership April 2020 AMA

  • On April 9, we will host a live AMA session on Telegram.

    The time will be decided from our Twitter poll:

    If you cannot participate in that AMA, you may ask your questions in this forum thread. And we will answer them after the live AMA session.

    Take care of yourselves!

  • @Richard_Yan
    My question for Ama

    1. Intially vifi launch was decided in q4 2019, but vite team not completed
      Then road map updated & new hopes given for q1 2020. But this time also passed. Why this much delay in vifi launch?
    2. vx is an exchange token, is it legal to list VX on other exchanges?

  • Hello, long time no see !
    Here are my questions:

    1. Do you have any plans to establish a roadmap for vitex ?
    2. Will vitex have futures market ?

  • The delay in the DeFi feature of Vite was initially due to internal debates about designs, and then later further affected by the virus problem. Our entire engineering team is in Beijing, and some are from Wuhan. The corona situation greatly inconvenienced everyone, our team members with kids had to split time between work and children due to school shutdowns.

    But in any case, the initial DeFi feature will be launched within two weeks' time. I confirmed with our engineering colleagues yesterday.


    We spoke with a major exchange, with whom we have a great relationship. They see that we have a solid community and want to move the conversation forward. At the same time, they are concerned with the competitive aspect. So the ball is in their court now.

    A few other places have also expressed interest, but they will all likely charge a hefty listing fee, which is understandable during this time. Many exchanges lost significant trading and listing revenues during crypto winter.

    My feeling is that once we reach a certain threshold of VX holders, the appeal to smaller centralized exchanges not too concerned with competition will be sufficient for a free listing. But of course there is no guarantee here.

  • @super Our plan for ViteX is relatively straightforward at this point: 1. make platform easy to use for operators, 2. list new altcoins with great community, 3. bootstrap liquidity w/ co-marketing campaigns w/ communities of newly listed coins

    In terms of futures contracts - it's something we are spending time thinking about. The challenge is to make this decentralized, in line with our ethos.

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