ViteX in a Nutshell

  • ViteX, developed by Vite Labs, is the world's first DAG-based decentralized exchange.
    ViteX Coin, VX, is the coin native to the ViteX platform. It is mined exclusively by the ViteX community and is used to allocate rewards back to the community.

    VX holders receive daily dividends, in BTC, ETH, and USDT, from a shared dividend pool which aggregates trading & listing fees accumulated by ViteX and redistributes them back to VX holders. As of June 1 2020, ViteX has distributed a total of 60 BTC in dividends to its shareholders (VX holders).

    For safety reasons, ViteX account can only be created through the mobile Vite App, but trading is accessible through both Vite mobile client and web client.

    About Vite App

    Vite App, available in both iOS and Android, is a one-stop crypto assets management and trading tool. It has both a built-in open-source cross-chain multi-currency wallet, and a built-in decentralized exchange ViteX with platform coin VX mining capabilities.
    Vite App allows secure and easy management of assets, fast trading, and convenient mining with simply one set of mnemonic phrases.

    Download Vite App:
    Web ViteX:

    Using the App

    There is no transaction fee in Vite network. However, sending transactions consumes quotas. Low frequency users can obtain quota by calculating a hash. Currently, computational power is provided by Vite Labs. Users just need to wait for a few seconds for the transaction to be processed. For high frequency users, like exchange users, the waiting period could be long. It is recommended to stake VITE and acquire quota, which will allow immediate transactions. Please refer to the following articles on how to set up your Vite account, stake for quota, and sign up for ViteX account.

    Set Up Vite App:

    Create ViteX Account:

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