Vite Labs Leadership AMA (Jun 10, 2020) - Leave your questions here!

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  • @Richard_Yan
    Hello sir
    I have 3 questions.

    When compared with other blockchain technology solutions, what advantage does $VITE ? Who do you think the competitors for $VITE in the Blockchain industry? What is the next milestone you are very excited about VITE?


    What significant developments did VITE had during 2020? Any other important milestones left to achieve in 2019?


    What is the $VITE economy model? What are the incentives for the holders?

    Thnak you sir

  • Q1.

    We recently published a tweet ( on understanding Vite from ViteX:

    • ViteX is the world’s 1st DAG-based DEX w/ superb performance & CEX-like UX, where every trade earns dividend-paying tokens.

    • Vite is the lightning-fast, zero-fee blockchain that enables ViteX.

    • VITE is the coin you stake for higher TPS on Vite.

    To better understand the work of Vite team: We are product-first, battle-tested and tech-driven.

    • Product-first - as in we build things people want. Dex being premier example.

    • Battle-tested - our products (exchange, wallet) have been in use for a while with a strong user base.

    • Tech-driven - our fast and zero fee tech are supported by DAG/snapshot chain.


    One thing we are looking to change a bit is to collect more community feedback in the days to come. And tune our products and plans according to such feedback. You may have already see this from our stablecoin survey.


    VITE is the native coin for Vite protocol. VITE can be staked to get more TPS. Non-stakers can transact at a normal TPS, but stakers get a higher TPS quota.

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