Vite.bi23 Competes For The Super Node TOP 25! Vote Us To Get Huge Rewards!

  • Dear community :

    Hi ! We are very happy to introduce the vite.bi23 node here again! we hope that through this opportunity, everyone will have a deeper understanding of Bi23 node, and see the efforts and strength of Bi23 in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field!

    Vite.bi23 is currently ranked No.27 and is competing to enter the TOP 25 to be a SBP! we are calling you to support us!

    Our address: vite_72ae6f9185c7de077106fbe6dd3ee31465882146d70732dc19

    1. About Bi23 team:

    Bi23 Labs has been deeply involved in the field of cryptocurrency for nearly 10 years, and has been committed to providing early cold-start technical support for promising blockchains, as well as providing users with safe and stable staking services.

    Bi23 was one of the early ecological builders of Vite:

    • *On July 2019, Bi23 officially became a Vite SBP, with the number of votes increasing continuously, we were ranked in the top 3 once.

    • On August 2019, Bi23 applied to become the first batch of ViteX operators, and supported the $atom/$vite trading pair at ViteX exchange.

    • On April 2020, Bi23 developed and launched DAPP "Coinwar" on the Vite wallet.

    • On June 2020, operator Bi23 support for the $cGLD/$USDT trading pair at ViteX exchange.*

    To be a better node , we are always on our way!

    2. About Voting Rewards:

    (1) how many we reward:

    we will return the 75%-85% reward (block reward + voting reward) obtained by running the SBP to the voting user. While receiving $vite rewards, users will also receive a 1:1 ratio of $BITT token rewards. BITT is a token issued by Bi23, you can get more details from here:

    (2) how we caculate the rewards:

    My reward = number of my votes * ROI
    ROI = (block reward + voting reward) * reward coefficient / (total votes + 500,000 mortgages)

    Reward coefficient:
    Bi23 in Top 25: 85%
    Bi23 out of Top 25: 75%

    (3) when we distribute the rewards:

    Every working day, 2:00-3:00 pm
    the rewards of weekends will be distributed on next Monday.

    3. Contact us:

    Email: [email protected]

    4. Official media:

    Official Website:
    Official Twitter:

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