[SBP Proposal] Snap Secure - Jan 20, 2019 - Tokens... for everyone

  • I tried, and I will tell my friends

  • SBP

    Faucet withdrawal amount has been revised to 3 tokens per withdrawal after reviewing day 1. It's been a great success with majority of users doing the right thing and not abusing it (besides a small handful of greedy users).

    We've already obtained the domain vitefaucet.com and will be moving to that sometime this week ☺

  • @plasmo the faucet site seems to be down. Getting a 403 forbidden message

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    @Vanderkum 403 would mean a ban. The faucet has banned some users for attempting to take advantage (using multiple IP addresses to circumvent limit). Can you private message me your wallet address used in the faucet and I can check out what happened?

    edit: Got your message. All fixed. Must've been a false positive 😅

  • SBP

    Been thinking about it and don't know if this faucet is a viable long term thing. What started out as a good thing now ruined by a few users now dominating legitimate users in trying to withdraw from the faucet multiple times. They will use undetectable (botnet?) proxies/VPN and try bypass the checks in place. They will use multiple wallet addresses with multiple IP addresses, and then pool them all into one account.

    There's are some ways to better secure it such as implementing account signup/email/SMS verification but is that too much for just a simple faucet?

    Or perhaps only allow certain countries to access the faucet as most of the fraudulent users seem to come from Russia, Lithuania, Bangladesh etc (but this is discriminating and also ineffective as they can always switch to proxy/VPN from an unbanned country).

    Or maybe this is just a failed experiment 😛

    Currently we've lower the amount to 1 Vite - if these guys want their Vite, they're gonna have to work for it.

    Anyhow we will continue to host the faucet for now and see how it goes.

    We will continue to work/brainstorm on other great(er) ideas and make Vite awesome.

  • As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished.” No surprise that a great tool is ruined by a few idiots.

  • @plasmo really cool

  • SBP

    Okay we will implement something like this in the next few days.

    It will be 1 Vite for new faucet users (new used IP address).

    1 Vite for existing faucet users (same used IP address but different used wallet address).

    1 Vite for existing faucet users (same used wallet address but different used IP address).

    and 5 Vite for existing faucet users (same used IP address plus same used wallet address).

    I don't mind these abusers taking 1 Vite. At least I know that they've used up their energy just to take 1 Vite (it's a manual process for them and can't be automated).
    Maybe we will class it like PoW mining as they're using 3-5 minutes of their time/effort just to obtain 1 Vite 😂 .

  • @plasmo well controlled👍 👍 👍

  • SBP

    We've just implemented a 24 hour wallet address check to compliment the existing 24 hour IP address check.

    Also changed the withdrawal amount to 5 Vite for existing users with same IP address and 1 Vite for users with new IP addresses.

    Will be changed soon to: 5 Vite for existing users with same IP address + same wallet address. Anything else is 1 Vite.

    So if you're a regular user of the faucet, and you use the same internet connection/wallet address, you should get the 5 Vite reward (if your IP address is unchanged).

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  • Thanks for such donation of vite

  • Thank you very much for your contribution. The reward for your proposal has been distributed to your address.
    The transaction address is as follows:https://explorer.vite.net/zh/transaction/a8b93e3d20b6e9ecbd03ae5af45f05066b27807899f521aed1ecdf7b6b7563b2
    The amount is: 1,982.49 VITE, equal to the sum of your super node's block rewards from cycle 75 to 81.
    The honor score is 9 points, which will be added to the super node display in subsequent product iterations.

  • Your proposal in SBP Ecosystem Incentive Plan has been approved and won the title of monthly excellent proposal. The reward has been sent to your wallet address (please check by this link)


    whose amount is 7264.0795 VITE, equaling the total blocks rewards of Snapshot Blocks Producers from cycle 75 to 105.

    Vite Labs really appreciates your contribution to SBP communities. Let's Create Something Cool!

  • @plasmo tíha si reallY nice, I am a newbie here, and I still cant make rewards, have to look around and learn..:) thank you

  • @oweck Come on, look forward to your proposal