Updated List of SBP Who Pay Vite Voters

  • sbplist.jpg
    At Vite, voting for SBP is one of the most important methods to earn VITE. Unlike the other means, voting does not lock your assets and is easy to operate. By September 8, 2020, there are a total of 114,172,380 VITE coins voted for the 37 SBPs in the Vite MainNet, taking more than 10% of the total supply, approximately 20% of the circulating supply.

    However, not all the SBPs pay voting rewards to their supporters, and not every SBP pays the same. Since the list will be updated from time to time, it’s necessary to watch the latest list of SBP with rewards to achieve the best ROI for your investment.

    As of September 29, the following SBPs pay voting rewards (in alphabetical order). Please be kindly noted we don’t provide ROI details. You should reach out to the SBP (they usually have representatives in our Telegram groups) or ask the group admin to get the latest payback rate.

    Thanks to the above SBPs and all Vite voters. You do contribute to the notable decentralization of Vite!

  • New SBP that pays voting rewards: ViNO Community Node

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