VITE [Txs] Downloader

  • Hello VITE community!

    I am very happy to show you first version of the VITE transaction downloader.

    The initial idea
    ...behind the project came from the question of how to quickly and easily download a large number of transactions from the VITE chain. It was important to me to generate an easily readable format, which I can use directly in Excel, for example, without much effort.

    With the VITE downloader in its current version, up to 100,000 transactions can be downloaded retroactively from the time of download as a CSV file. Only a VITE address is required to start the download. Optionally, the time period [FromDate, ToDate] can be restricted.

    The VITE Downloader is already added to
    The download can take up to several minutes, if the VITE address contains many transactions. Just wait and click download only once 😊.

    Know bugs

    • Download doesn't work from time to time => Try to reload the page
    • Mac OS Safari doesn't support date input field
    • iOS Safari doesn't show FromDate, ToDate labels

    Feature ideas

    • More interactive user feedback
    • Show download progress bar
    • Download trade from VITE exchange
    • Download daily exchange pairs

    Feedback needed 🙂
    I would be very happy about your feedback. If you notice any errors or have any further ideas, please comment here so that I can react.

    VITE 社区的朋友们,你们好!很高兴向你们展示 VITE 交易下载器的第一个版本。

    我很高兴向您展示 VITE 交易下载器的第一个版本。


    使用当前版本的 VITE 下载器,可从下载时起追溯下载多达 100,000 笔交易的 CSV 文件。只需要一个 VITE 地址就可以开始下载。可选择限制时间段[FromDate, ToDate]。



    • 下载时常不工作 => 尝试重新加载页面。
    • Mac OS Safari不支持日期输入字段
    • iOS Safari不显示FromDate、ToDate标签


    • 显示下载进度条
    • 从VITE交易所下载交易
    • 下载每日汇率对


  • Thanks for your contribution.
    Really good job.

  • Moe, thanks - glad to see this project! Love it – simple and does what it should do. Some further ideas:

    • If wrong/invalid address is entered, keep the entry for the refresh. It’s a nice to have, nice if you make an error for manual address entry
    • If wrong/invalid address, get an error message.
    • Since it takes some seconds to generate the file, probably from amount of records for that address, could be an idea with a message that file is being generated and will download automatically when ready.

    These are all nice-to-haves, so it just depends how much effort you want to put into it.

    This project could also be great to build more functionality from – since you’ve set up the backend part you can probably think of a whole lot more of things to expand into doing. What are your thoughts?

  • Isda Chen said:

    Thanks for your contribution.
    Really good job.

    Thank you very much!

  • @slimcan Thank you for your feedback. I took your imrovements to my further development notes.

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