Future of Vite Pay?

  • SBP

    Currently Vite Pay, which is a product of Vite is still in very basic stages. I believe currently it only serves the Chinese Vite Store? Would love to see something like APIs, callback functions, client integration and most of all, a proper Vite Pay website (currently it's just a empty shell).

    It would totally be an eye opener if one day I were to see a website/shopping cart display a "Pay with Vite" button in their payment options 😳

    Do you guys already have plans to bring VitePay to the next level or anything like that?

  • it’s unlikely that pay with vite ,pay with vite stable coin have better application prospect

  • SBP

    @孙权 Maybe the store/website owner can set what they wish to be paid/settled in (either accept Vite as it is or have it auto converted from Vite to stable coin). Would probably be possible with the Vite DEX.

    BitPay for example is able to do this. Merchants can set what currency they wish to settle in.

    Youtube Video

    You can even choose a percentage like for example, you want it in your bank account and 10% of it in Bitcoin.

    But with Bitcoin, the liquidity is a lot higher than Vite. It's more easier done there.

  • @plasmo ye,that's more flexible

  • We’ve noticed our oversea fans’ love for Vite merchandise for some time now. Thanks for your support! Global ViteStore is about to launch very soon, and will provide shipping service around the world. For VitePay, it is still in schedule and we have already built partnership with several payment companies to pay with Vite in their platforms. VitePay will become a priority after DEX, which occupies a lot of development resource at this time. The mission is that in future people are able to pay Vite at web stores and merchants will have the freedom to choose in what coin/fiat they want to settle. The currency exchange will be done automatically through the DEX. APIs and relevant documents will be provided then.

  • @plasmo The international version of Vite store has launched! If you have VCPs, you may now order from the website. If you need any, we have campaigns that will grant them πŸ™‚

    Note that with the Chinese New Year coming up, shipment of these items won't start till mid-Feb.

    Any feedback is welcomed.


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