Full node reward estimation (vs. stacking for ViteX mining)

  • Hello all,

    So following the guide posted somewhere I managed to setup a full node. But I still have several questions about the benefit of running the full node.

    • Do you need to stack Vite to be rewarded (exception of special situation like Vite Incentive Plan — Full Node Reward Program Upgrade)? Are you better rewarded stacking Vite for the node?

    Should Vite be needed to run the node, say I have 50k Vite. Is it more interesting to:

    • run one full node with 50k stacked.
    • run 5 full node with 10k stacked on each.

    Also what it a rough estimation of the amount of Vite generated by these two scenarios ? I checked everywhere but could not find something. Could somebody give me an approximate value ? I understand the reward may change from one day to another, but I would appreciate even a very approximate value.

    With that said, is it more interesting to run a full node or stack Vite for ViteX mining ?

    thanks a lot for the clarification,


    ps: I could also not manage to find the minimum hardware requirement to run node on additional older computers. Does somebody has a link ? thanks 🙂

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