Starting a full node for the first time using a VPS (For the non-technical) #EarnWithVite @vitelabs


    In this post I would like to reach out to all current and future Vitaneers joining the community and enlighten you on my experience setting up a full node. Firstly, it is worth mentioning exactly what a full node is. A Full node provides support and security to the Vite blockchain and they are indispensable to the network. These nodes may also be referred to as fully validating nodes as they engage in the process of verifying transactions and blocks against the system’s consensus rules.

    The information I am providing here is the information missing from most of the instructions and typical questions I am receiving daily from the new Vitaneers. Essentially, I aim to cover the pre-instructions! (

    So, what is required to run a full node?

    There are two options for you to consider:

    1. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) (which is what I have used)


    1. Using your own hardware

    A VPS is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service which is brilliant as it doesn't use your hardware once it is up and running. You will also need to stake 10,000 Vite. The rough minimum requirements for the computer/VPS are at least 4Gb ram, around 200Gb storage, and a unique IPv4 IP address. There are various VPS's available that provide capable services for under $10 USD per month. I personally used a website called Contabo and purchased a VPS for €5 a month. The 10,000 Vite required will cost under $2000 USD at current prices and after staking the Vite is locked in a contract for 1 month. To keep earning rewards the Vite must remain in the staking contract, but after a month you can withdraw the staked Vite. Finally, the rewards are only earned if your node maintains a minimum daily uptime of 90%.

    Summarising the above, which most non-technical people will be very happy to hear... You do not not need to use your own hardware or have your computer/laptop running 24/7.

    Okay, now I have your attention...So what's next?

    Once you purchase your chosen VPS, you will receive an email from the provider with the details. Look out for your username and your password as you will need these to access the VPS through your terminal which I will go onto next.

    Accessing the terminal

    So, you have just purchased a VPS and therefore you will need to access it. This is done through the terminal of your PC. On a Mac, this is found within the applications > utilities section. On a Windows PC, it can be found through the start menu.

    The next step will be logging in to your VPS. Remember I had mentioned you will need your username (most likely 'root') and password? Now is the time to use them.

    (Key note: Within the terminal, for security reasons, the password will not show, so once entered/copied and paste, press the enter key and it should log you into the VPS).

    A lot of the next steps are covered in this link:

    You should feel somewhat comfortable to follow through the next steps using the link attached, although don't forget to reach out in the Telegram group or the Discord group where we have a very helpful and willing community to offer you support.

    For more information on the rewards and how much you can earn having an active full node, please take a look at this link afterwards (if you haven't already:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my article and I hope you feel more confident in starting a node.

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