Ways to earn on the Vite ecosystem #EarnWithVite

  • My journey in the Vite ecosystem has been an interesting one. I was introduced to the ecosystem through the Revain platform where I was able to give my opinion through writing reviews on the Vite project among other crypto related projects.

    I have been very fascinated with the way the Vite ecosystem rewards me for holding its two native tokens; the Vite token and the Vitex coin. There are several ways by which you can earn more tokens on the Vite ecosystem. Some of the ways I discovered will be discussed here.

    I daily receive rewards and dividends in BTC, USDT and ETH for mining VITE and staking Vitex coin (VX) and this has in effect significantly increased my Crypto portfolio in the Vite ecosystem. You can stake a minimum of 134VITE for mining and 10VX for dividends.

    Around the time I was still basking in the euphoria of receiving unending daily rewards for mining and staking Vite and Vitex coin, I magnanimously received an airdrop of 500 BAN token on the Vite App. So this indicates that the Vite ecosystem is a good place to get airdrops.

    I hadn’t finished enjoying the BAN airdrop reward, I got the memo of claiming 19BAN daily after completing some tasks which I gladly did and in effect increased my hodling of BAN tokens to over 1000 BAN. The BAN airdrop ended a few days ago.

    Furthermore, as part of the three years anniversary of the Vite ecosystem, #ViteTurnsThree. The Vite Community Stars Campaign gives a weekly reward of 333 Vite for the most active participants on Vite’s social media platforms throughout the period of the anniversary.

    Finally, the Vite games (coinwar) is always another way to earn on the Vite ecosystem although I haven’t participated in the games, it’s something I am looking forward to be involved in sooner than later.

    I must say I have indeed enjoyed my relationship with the Vite ecosystem as it continuously rewards me for being part of the team. I am sure there is more to come as I’m constantly visiting the Discovery tab if the Vite app to see if there are more ways to earn on the Vite ecosystem.

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