Shooting a Crypto Gem with four VX-earning stones. Ways to earn on the Vite ecosystem #EarnWithVite

  • There was a time when I am in a middle of a scalping trade session. I imagine crazy ideas in my mind. How to integrate the ViteX Exchange in my Crypto Gem hunting cycle? In this cycle, I look for Crypto Currency tokens that is way cheaper from a certain Exchange then sell it to other Exchange that the token price is higher thus I gain small profit and continuously repeat the cycle again and again to further earn more profit.

    I usually trade Ripple (XRP) and VITE tokens because they are way cheaper to send to other exchanges. I was introduced to the Vite ecosystem through Facebook Philippines Crypto Community Group, several chat sessions later I was convinced to join and deposited $50 dollars to buy Vite then convert it to Vitex tokens. I have been captivated with the Vite ecosystem rewarding me for hodling its tokens, Vite and Vitex tokens.

    There are several ways by which you can earn Vitex tokens on the Vite ecosystem. Some of the ways I will discussed here. Every day at 12 Noon, I receive dividends in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) for staking Vitex tokens and this has in effect earning me daily interest in three major crypto currencies. In order to increase my earnings, you need to stake more Vite tokens to earn more Vitex tokens.

    Let me discuss my Crypto Gem hunting cycle. From my Crypto Exchange account, I send my USDT tokens to my Vite wallet mobile app. Upon receiving the USDT funds, I will wait for the best buy entry to BTC/USDT Pair (must be +10 in the green to absorb my previous transaction fees). In order to earn additional Vitex tokens by Market Making, I need to set two buy orders nearest to the current price of Bitcoin, hopefully it stays there for a certain amount of time to earn Vitex tokens. When the trade to Bitcoin is executed, you earn again additional Vitex tokens by trading. In trading Bitcoin alone, you earn Vitex tokens two times in a row.

    Next is to monitor the market trends and prices of VITE and XRP tokens, select the best market priced token and again repeat the previous trade cycle, this time from Bitcoin to your crypto gem. Again, earning Vitex tokens twice in the process. This process cycle is way more profitable! Shooting a Crypto Gem with four VX-earning stones.

    To complete the cycle, once the trade is filled; just send the crypto tokens to your account wallet in the Crypto Exchange. Wait for the right market price of the tokens to sell. By the way, sending VITE tokens to Binance Exchange has no transaction fees!

    That concludes my Ways to earn on the Vite ecosystem. Profit is Profit, while earning Vitex tokens to Profit, increasing daily dividends to Profit. That is my 4Ps cycle, crypto edition.

    P.S you may ask my VITE PH Ambassador for the details of the 4Ps in the Philippines.

    😊 Kudos VITE Team.

  • Very well said👏 VITE and VX is one of my precious crypto Gem too. I love staking VITE and VX and received three crypto as dividend , and also I enjoy trading crypto in ViteX , for I always received VX everytime I trade , and I'm so glad that our Vite_PH Ambassador introduced Vite to me, so proud to share and promote Vite in my social medias.

  • @kebzjogie
    Thank you. Appreciated alot.

  • Your story is fascinating. I have never thought about joining CryptoGem, but I agree that VITE is a real treasure for cryptocurrency. I've been doing cryptocurrency since not so long ago, just a few months. Many friends have scared me that cryptocurrency is too complicated an area.

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